One of the hottest new trends in health and wellness isn’t actually hot at all; it’s cold. 

Very cold.

Like,  -190 degrees F cold. 

Cryotherapy is the exposure to extreme cold under controlled circumstances. In short 3-5 minute sessions, the body experiences -190 degrees in special cryo chambers. 

And it is one of the most popular new wellness trends, with some really incredible science behind the scenes. 

 In fact, there have been proven benefits to undergoing regular cryotherapy sessions. 

Weight Loss – The shock of being in such a cold environment helps boost the metabolism and increase natural weight  loss as the body works to warm up, and that metabolism boost continues throughout the treatment day. In fact, some studies have shown a loss of 400 – 600 calories during one session. That’s the equivalent of 30 minutes of hard exercise, better than any weight loss supplements.

Pain Relief – In a similar idea to an ice pack, nerves and muscles relax in the cold. But cryotherapy takes it a step further. Immersion in the cryotherapy chamber concentrates the cold all over the body, which gives total body relief at a temperature an ice pack simply cannot reach. Try Seattle Best Hair Salon today.

Lactic Acid Reduction – Because the muscles are relaxed, lactic acid is reduced. Lactic Acid is produced as muscles are worked, but too much can be harmful (this is partially why it hurts so much after a hard workout). The cold helps the muscles relax, and lactic acid begins to naturally dissipate, which makes recovery quicker. Best Therapist Tempe Arizona
Better Mental Health – Overall, the cold environment of the chamber helps reduce inflammation all over the body. This leads to a variety of health benefits, like firmer skin and pain reduction, but can also lead to reducing anxiety and depression and releasing endorphins. A study published in Archivum Immunologiae et Therapiae Experimentalis in 2008 showed that cryotherapy reduced the symptoms of anxiety and depression in over a third of participants.




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