Julie has been so kind, and genuine in her approach to promoting and working with Recess. She takes the time to understand our mission, demographic and the WHY behind the reason people love Recess. She understands we aren't for everyone, so she doesn't market us that way. If you are looking for an influential woman in Scottsdale to help promote you as a local business. I would highly recommend lifestyle jules.  
Katie Landa
We’ve worked with Julie on a regular basis the last few years and she’s had a big impact on our revenue. She’s built a tremendous following on social media and her fan base is very loyal to her. Julie’s videos never fail to capture attention. Her energy is fun, upbeat and quite contagious. She is considered part of our team we love working with her.  
Pam Andow
Julie has done wonderfully for our business. She continues to build her audience by providing useful information audiences want. She is professional and understands business goals all while creating a fun video for viewers. Highly recommend.  
William Johner
Julie is the best! If you’re a local business or a national brand, why look anywhere else for someone to help promote it? Julie is passionate, fun, & knowledgable, and brings all these traits (and so much more) to every project she gets behind. Julie pops off the screen with her infectious energy. THIS is what a brand ambassador truly looks like! 
Brian Speciale
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