Sobe Stanford Photography

Sobe Stanford Photography

Getting the perfect photograph can be challenging sometimes so having a photographer who understands your vision and needs is everything! 

I met Sobe a few years ago and we really connected. From the first time she photographed me, it was a success. Sobe knows how to create the look and feel that her client wants.

Let me really introduce you to Sobe.

Sobe discovered photography while studying architecture at ASU. She knew she found her passion the day she did her first glamour photo shoot.  She loves fashion/style and knew she wanted to incorporate it into her photo shoots.

As a woman,  Sobe understands how challenging it can be to continue feeling sexy and beautiful as we get older and our bodies change. This motivated her to celebrate women by photographing them in a way that makes them feel sexy and youthful.

Sobe’s team gives women a magazine style photo shoot experience.  They get to relax as they enjoy wine, hors d’oeuvres and get their hair/makeup done.  It is a unique experience where her clients get to reconnect with themselves and see their beauty through photography.

Sobe’s session fee:

$190 per person. $240 for two.

BONUS: She is offering a Lifestyle Jules discount of $100 off any collection.



phone: (520) 705-3904‬


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